Saturday, November 19, 2011

The seemingly endless search for winter boots

I am freezing my ass off as I sit on a metal seat at the station where I  am catching a train to head into town to see about some winter boots. I have reserved some boots to try on in Marks and Spencers and today and tomorrow there's a 25% discount. So have left husband to tile bathroom floor and I am shopping.!?


TToria said...


Hope the boots fit.

Found you on Goodreads & a new follower :-)


Ellie said...

Thanks :-)

Realised I need to edit this story slightly. Was typing into my phone and it's gone a bit wierd!

Yeh the boots fitted so that was great. Really pleased. I have searched far and wide. I am fussy tho!

will check you blog out and add you as a goodreads friend :-)

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