Monday, November 28, 2011

Slutty housewife

organised :: as a good study should be
I've been on a manic cleaning spree these last three days. I am what might be described as bit of a slutty housewife. I let the chores and cleaning mount up then have to do some mammoth session when it finally begins to bug me. And how much better do I feel when I do it :-)

I don't think my study has been as clean as this since I moved in three years ago. I have filed all my notes, have thrown away a small Amazonian rainforest worth of paper which is surplus to requirements, I have polished and hoovered, and my study is organised as it should be.

I have two desks - the one I am currently sat at is my computer workstation. Wired up to the net, printer, scanner, hard drive I'm all techy. The other side I have a more creative desk - it used to be an overspill for work before I reviewed and recycled a lot of stuff - I made our Wedding invites (we got a wooden stamp made and used embossing powders and an embossing gun to create invites to our specific tastes) so I can be creative and do enjoy it but I haven't had space to really dabble.

I thought I should clean because I suspect I won't have waste amounts of time over the next few months as alongside trying to complete my Doctorate we are renovating my husband's house and then trying to sell his, rent mine and move somewhere proper together (crazy marriage arrangements, but seemingly typical of many modern marriages...)...oh as well as me getting a job...and adding to the family if that is in the stars...


Sheli said...

I love the idea of being a slutty housewife! This is what I do in the upstairs of my house. I tend to tidy stuff from downstairs to upstairs and then when it starts to drive me mad I blitz the lot!

Ellie said...

My house is actually topsy turvy - the living room is upstairs with the kitchen and the bedroom and bathroom are downstairs. It's a modern low budget first home design. But it means my bedroom and study and stairs get really cluttered. I'm mostly done with the clearout although I have quite a few books to list on Read it / Swap it. Have you tried this site yet? Really good.

Sheli said...

I've only recently heard of the site. I generally give books I don't get on with to the charity shop, but this seems like a good option, especially if I want to try something new and don't want to shell out! I might sign up!

Ellie said...

I tend to do the noble thing and charity shops books and I am doing that with some but others I am swapping. And have swapped about 6 so far. Definitely worth a try.

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