Tuesday, December 06, 2011

As it's December already...

Blue Christmas Tree :: Ontzy @ sxc.hu
I've gone festive for the month. 6 days late but it's St Nicholas' Day today it seems fitting that I get on the Chrimbo band wagon.

Much of my shopping is done (courtesy of everyone's fav online store - you know the one: It's the name of a river...) and I've got a few bits and bobs from elsewhere.

Most of my cards are bought...not quite written or posted but at least they are bought. Well, except for a very important one. My husband's! I want to find a On Our First Christmas as a Married Couple type card but haven't managed it so far. Might have to make one myself via Hallmark, Funkpigeon or Moonpig. Need to make a decision quick as time is ticking away...


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