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Book Review :: Disconnected by Sherry Ashworth

Disconnected (Collins Flamingo)Disconnected by Sherry Ashworth
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I have to admit that I don't tend to read YA books. When I was a teen 20 years ago I'm not sure this genre was as big as it is now. Yeh we had Judy Blume or Sweet Valley High but it seemed there were less YA books than there are now...praps it's just me? Anyway, I digress - I don't tend to read YA because I sort of feel I have "been there, done that" and now it's time to move on. But, out of curiosity and giving things a go I decided I'd take a look at my local library.

I picked a couple of YA books, this included. What appealed was that it wasn't about fairies, Vamps, wizards and the paranormal. Just not my thing but seems to be very popular.

This book is about 'real' teen life, although it didn't portray my life! I liked the way the book was written - the lead was essentially writing letters back to all the people who were involved in a particular period of her life when she (in modern parlance) was discovering herself. She was studious but sat in class and realised it was all too constricting. At a party she happened to meet a lad who was also discovering his identity and who he was. They hooked up and hung out, although it wasn't quite as simple as boyfriend / girlfriend. Hanging out with him introduced her to a new set of friends and one girl particularly, but she had issues.

The story reveals the main characters relationships with the other characters and discovery that they all had secrets to hide. The ending was a little "safe" but I suspect this might be due to the market.

Whilst I thought the book ok it was full of teen angst and like I say "have been there, done that" so it became a little, not exactly irritating but like I was glad the book was short and with big writing!

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